Nigerian Scam Targets Muscians!

•September 7, 2007 • 4 Comments

A word of warning out there to any fellow bands out there  that get invited to play at weddings/concerts/shows at various places around the world at very short notice,  We were approached to play in California after some geezer picked up our details from the website, silly money on offer, all expenses paid, etc, etc,  – it is of course totally bogus and designed just to defraud. After a little research I found This warning posted on the British Arts Web site, 

SCAM WARNINGMusicians are now being targeted by the Nigerian scam. They say they want to book you for a concert/gig. Send you money. They then tell you the concert is cancelled. They tell you to send the money back – less expenses. You send them money – the cheque/credit card payment they gave you is fraudulent – but you don’t discover this until you have sent them money. Disgusting. Don’t deal with web mail account and no contact address – until you have completely checked them out. AND don’t send money back until the payment they have sent you has cleared – which it WONT!


The basic format of the scam has been widely applied to wedding photographers and there are lots of examples out there, just google for “Wedding Photography Scam” you’d be amazed, but its relatively new for these low lifes to target wedding entertainment bands.

Has anyone out there ever been caught by any thing similar?

Just for interest, this is the 2nd email we received from a Mr Peter Thomas.

Hello ,The wedding date is on the 6th of October 2007.After showing your details to the British Record Label here at my location, we have both agreed for you to come to California, United States Of America for the Audition.So you will have the chance to perform in front of a lot of people here, at this upcoming event.

We also invited other MUSICAL GUEST ARTIST.

I will also personally take care of your Traveling Fees, Accommodation (Hotel Reservations), Feeding, Transportation and every other thing needed for your stay in the United States of America.

After your audition here, we will have a signed agreement of any amount you will be paid for this wedding event and I will pay you in cash or write you a check, which ever you prefer.

Please remember this is my only child and i will give him the best.

I will like you to also note that the manager of a well known British record label will be present at this audition and that might give you a chance to get signed into the record label (That is if you want to get signed).

In other to proceed with your invitation of your coming here, I have instructed my client there in your country, to send you a UK Certified Bankers Draft of 3800 Pounds.

As soon as you receive it, send me an email, then go ahead and have it cashed instantly at you bank, deduct a non refundable amount of 500 Pounds for yourself (In order to get prepared for this trip) and have the rest of the money sent (WIRED) immediately to the Traveling Agency that same day through any Western Union Money Transfer Outlet.

All amount used in cashing the check instantly and sending the rest of the money, should be deducted from the amount you will be sending to the Traveling Agent.

The Agent will personally come and take care of your Traveling ticket, Hotel reservation and come pick you up at home.

So send us an email with your following details, so that the check will be issued in your name and sent to your address.

Details such as:

YOUR FULL NAME (Which will be issued on the Certified Bankers Draft)………….



I await your soonest reply.



Rav takes a another break!

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After the best part of 12 years or so Rav has reluctantly decided, as a result of various work and life committments, to hang up the bass and take a break from the band. He is going to keep in touch and will join the reserve list of superb musicians which provide cover for the band members as and when required.

Asked if he was going to miss the rock & roll lifestyle Rav replied,

” I’m leaving cos’ of the gratuitous sex and mind altering drugs abuse – there wasn’t any!”

Rav will be ably replaced by Russ who has covered for Rav on numerous occassions.

So,  goodbye, good luck and thanks to Rav and hello to Russ who starts pretty much straight away!

Straydog? – Doh!

•August 20, 2007 • 3 Comments

What do you call a musician that turns up a whole 24 hours early for a gig?

Answers on a postcard to “earlybird drummers” contest at, free diary to all storydogs drummers who enter – competition entries strictly limited to storydogs band, family members, friends and anybody else who would like to yank Clive’s chain for turning up to a gig a day early and then wondering where everyone else was!

Now if Rav had done it ………………….


Congratulations – A Storydogs Pup!

•August 1, 2007 • 3 Comments

At last, some great news! – honourary Storydogs drummer, Daniel, has become a proud father following the arrival of little Charlie George who already seems to have a love of Led Zep and playing air guitar!

Storydogs Pup Plays a Mean Air Guitar Version of “Whole Lotta Love”

Storydogs Pup Snoozes - Rock & Roll can be very hard work, don’t you know?

We wish Daniel, Sioned & Charlie lots of love and a very happy future!

Also we would like to report that Storydogs Grandad Clive seems to be adjusting gracefully to the task!

Gŵyl Y Felinheli Festival 2007

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What a great night it turned out to be!

The rain just about held off long enough for a fantastic time to be had by all. I must admit I had my reservations when we arrived at the site, clouds were dark and the odd heavy shower looked like it would dampen everyones spirit – but the supporters were amazing, braving the weather they clapped, cheered and danced and had a great time.

At half time the brothers Ynyr and Eurig Roberts from the group Brigyn did a superb acoustic bilingual set which was recieved very well – check out their web site at  – these guys are really talented with some great, tight weaving vocal harmonies.

We finished off the night with “All you need is Love” by the Beatles, and as I looked out into the night beyond the bright lights of the stage I could just about make out the audience standing in a huge semi circle all holding hands and singing!

Who could have asked for more?

 A great big thanks to Dafydd Mansel and the festival team for managing to keep their spirits going so high in such demanding circumstances.

Can’t wait for next year and perhaps some better weather!

The Guitar has Arrived!

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New Fat Strat & Mesa Boogie           New Fat Strat Body                 New Fat Strat Neck

Well, first of all Arwel had to admit defeat over the Eggle wiring, but he did do a great job on the bridge. Looks like I’m going to have to get it all rewired bythose nice chaps at Machine Head Muisc, Hitchin, Herts.

And then …..

It arrived! – All the seperate parts bubble wrapped for protection. One small snag, the UK Customs spotted it comming in and charged me VAT to the tune of £20, which is not that bad. The consignment was listed as “Guitar Kit” value $79, but I think they are wising up!

All the parts went together like a dream, anything that needs screwing together had an accurate pilot hole drilled which made assembling the neck, bridge and scratch plate parts very simple indeed. I put it together in about 30 minutes, strung it up with Ernie Ball 10’s, adjusted the bridge saddles to ensure there was no string rattle and plugged it in.

Wow! – completely exceeded all expectations, really easy to play, practically no adjustment required on the intonation and great Fender Strat tones!

I tried it out at the Marina gig at the weekend and must admit its a really nice guitar to play with a great range of tones.

Well Pleased!


Holyhead Marina Regatta (29th May 2007)

•May 31, 2007 • 1 Comment

The ‘Royal D’ Annual Sailing Regatta, Holyhead Sailing Club 

Brilliant night! – one of the few occasions when we get to play an extended set of all the stuff we love to play, we had a chance to try out some new tunes which went down well, the audience were great, everybody seemed to really have a good time.

The venue is amazing, we played in the old Trinity Marine workshops, a huge victorian building set in the courtyard of the stunning new Marina complex in the shadow of the longest Breakwater in the UK!

A big thankyou to the staff of the Marina who worked so hard to turn the buiding into a nightclub for the weekend.

Were you there?